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Road traffic accidents can have a considerable impact on the lives of those involved, as well as their family and friends.

Road accident claims are not limited only to car accidents. All road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, users of public transport, as well as drivers or passengers in any type of vehicle, could be entitled to make a claim.

Our specialists have experience in helping people with all types of injuries resulting from road traffic accidents. From whiplash, to life changing physical or brain injuries.

We can assist with most road traffic accidents, including:


When you contact us, you will go straight through to an experienced road traffic accident solicitor. The solicitor will listen to your situation and give you a FREE consultation. This means that even if you are not sure if you have a claim, you can give us a call. It can’t hurt to ask, and it doesn’t cost.

Our expert road traffic accident solicitors will take the time to understand your injuries and how they have affected you. We are sensitive to your situation and will help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Your solicitor will explain everything to you, every step of the way.

If we take your claim on for you, we offer the best possible funding arrangements for you, including a no win, no fee agreement. Unlike most personal injury solicitors, we do not charge a success fee. This means you will not be charged 25% of your damages if we successfully conclude your claim. Therefore, you are more likely to receive a higher proportion of your damages.


All drivers require insurance. Therefore, these sorts of claims will be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. As the insurance will pay all of your compensation, rather than the driver himself or herself, there is no need to worry that your claim will impact the driver personally.


If you would like to speak directly to a road traffic accident specialist, we can help. We offer a FREE personal injury consultation. Call us on 0800 988 7756 to speak directly to an expert.

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What Could I Claim?

Severe PTSD: £45,840 – £96,800

Moderate PTSD: £4,900 – £45,840

Less severe travel anxiety: £1,290 – £4,900

Serious brain damage: £235,790 – £337,000

Severe brain damage: £175,000 – £235,790

Moderate brain damage: £75,900 – £175,000

Serious head injury: £12,820 – £75,900

Mild head injury: £1,840 – £12,820

Total blindness and deafness: Up to £337,700

Loss of sight in one eye: £41,200 – £45,840

Total loss of hearing in one ear: £26,180 – £38,060

Total loss of taste and smell: Up to £32,780

Dental injuries: £910 – £31,900

Fracture of the jaw: £5,390 – £25,490

Fracture of the nose: £2,120 – £19,330

Severe shoulder injury: £16,060 – £41,050

Fractured clavicle / collar bone: £4,200 – £12,000

Dislocation of shoulder: £10,500 – £15,820

Moderate shoulder injury: £6,600 – £16,060

Minor shoulder injury: £1,500 – £6,600

Severe neck injury: £46,810 – £124,030

Moderate neck injury: £11,500 – £46,810

Minor neck injury: £2,050 – £11,500

Severe back injury: £58,300 – £134,590

Moderate back injury: £23,210 – £58,300

Minor back injury: £1,000 – £23,210

Loss of both arms: £201,300 – £250,800

Severe arm injury: £80,410 – £109,450

Severe elbow injury: £13,090 – £26,790

Moderate arm or elbow injury: £5,500 – £16,060

Total loss of both hands: £117,700 – £168,520

Severe wrist injury or hand injury: £30,820 – £70,700

Amputation of index and middle or ring fingers: £51,760 – £75,900

Less serious hand and wrist injuries: £12,100 – £24,260

Minor hand injuries: £1000 – £3,630

Severe leg injury: £43,890 – £235,790

Moderate leg injury: £10,530 – £48,390

Less serious leg injury: £3,300 – £10,530

Amputation of both feet: £141,630 – £168,520

Severe foot injury: £70,210 – £91,660

Moderate foot injury: £11,050 – £70,210

Minor foot injury: £5,860 – £11,050

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