We previously posted an article on personal injury compensation awards for orthopaedic injuries. We listed the most common types of injuries and the damages typically awarded for such claims. This article will look again at the damages awarded for personal injury claims, but this time focus specifically on psychological injury and other types of personal injury compensation.

Compensation for psychological injuries

When acting for clients, we deal with cases that not only involve physical injuries but also psychological problems. These can occur as a result of the accident or throughout the recovery process. Learning to cope with the aftermath of an accident can be difficult. The court recognises that such difficulties represent a separate injury to the physical symptoms.

For example, if you suffer serious injuries in an accident, the shock can cause PTSD symptoms to develop while you attempt to recover. Compensation is awarded to claimants based on the severity of the symptoms, but can range from anywhere between £5,000.00 and £90,000.00.

There is often no recognised PTSD, but you may suffer very difficult psychological changes as a result of your injury or new circumstances. The amounts awarded can be as much as £100,000.00 in the most serious cases. For anxiety or phobias caused by an accident, the figure will be lower; around £1,500.00 to £5,000.00.

Other injuries

Needless to say, injuries are not just confined to the above. Other common types of injury include:

  • Scarring from failed tattoo removal, laser hair removal, cosmetic surgeries etc. These values can range enormously depending on the severity and location of the scars. The usual range is £2,000.00 – £10,000.00.
  • Internal injuries such as a collapsed lung, ruptured spleen or damaged kidneys. Again, the values differ and can range from £2,000.00 up to £80,000.00 for the most serious injuries.
  • Breathing problems caused by damp or mould, or from working in dangerous conditions. Long term chest injuries can attract awards of up to £100,000.00.
  • Deafness caused by working in loud environments; again, it depends on the length of exposure and severity of the deafness. However, damages can also be awarded up to £100,000.00.


When calculating compensation, we take other factors into consideration such as the time required to take off work. The cost of treatment and care can also add on a substantial amount onto your compensation award as these will need to be covered.

No Success Fee

Does this sound familiar to something you have experienced? If you have suffered from injury as a result of an accident, our experts can help.

Being charged a 25% success fee can decrease your award by a considerable amount. So, unlike many other solicitors, we do not charge a success fee when we act on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that you are more likely to receive a higher proportion of your damages if you go through us.

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