Paying for a Personal Injury Claim

No Win, No Fee | No Success Fee

Have you found yourself looking to make a personal injury claim but are too worried about the cost of doing so?

Raising a claim and finding the right solicitor can seem daunting and even expensive. However, Levi Direct offers a number of funding options which ensure our clients do not encounter any hidden fees or unexpected bills.


Levi Direct offers a “No Win, No Fee” agreement. This simply means that if your claim is not successful after we have taken on the case, then you do not pay any of our legal charges.

We only take on claims that we believe stand a good chance of success. If the outcome is not successful, then we will not charge to charge you any fees.


It is important to stress Levi Direct does not charge a success fee for successful claims.

It is common practice for solicitors to charge a success fee on top on their basic charges. This is seen as an “award” for handling your claim on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. Most law firms will deduct around 25% from your damages – meaning you only receive 75% of your own compensation.

As we do not charge a success fee, our clients receive a much higher proportion of their damages after their successful claim.


Are you aware if you are covered for legal costs under your existing insurance policies? If so, your insurer may cover our charges if you previously opted to take out LEI – this can be under your home or motor policies.

Some credit card companies also offer LEI. Make sure you check as your personal injury charges may be completely covered!


Are you unsure about a claim that you would like to make? Our team are on hand to offer you guidance during a free initial consultation. Our personal injury solicitors can help make that decision with you. If there is a claim to make then we will advise you on the next steps. If not, we won’t charge you a penny for finding out!

Got a question about your personal injury claim? Call our team now on 0800 988 7756 or submit an enquiry.

What Could I Claim?

Severe PTSD: £45,840 – £96,800

Moderate PTSD: £4,900 – £45,840

Less severe travel anxiety: £1,290 – £4,900

Serious brain damage: £235,790 – £337,000

Severe brain damage: £175,000 – £235,790

Moderate brain damage: £75,900 – £175,000

Serious head injury: £12,820 – £75,900

Mild head injury: £1,840 – £12,820

Total blindness and deafness: Up to £337,700

Loss of sight in one eye: £41,200 – £45,840

Total loss of hearing in one ear: £26,180 – £38,060

Total loss of taste and smell: Up to £32,780

Dental injuries: £910 – £31,900

Fracture of the jaw: £5,390 – £25,490

Fracture of the nose: £2,120 – £19,330

Severe shoulder injury: £16,060 – £41,050

Fractured clavicle / collar bone: £4,200 – £12,000

Dislocation of shoulder: £10,500 – £15,820

Moderate shoulder injury: £6,600 – £16,060

Minor shoulder injury: £1,500 – £6,600

Severe neck injury: £46,810 – £124,030

Moderate neck injury: £11,500 – £46,810

Minor neck injury: £2,050 – £11,500

Severe back injury: £58,300 – £134,590

Moderate back injury: £23,210 – £58,300

Minor back injury: £1,000 – £23,210

Loss of both arms: £201,300 – £250,800

Severe arm injury: £80,410 – £109,450

Severe elbow injury: £13,090 – £26,790

Moderate arm or elbow injury: £5,500 – £16,060

Total loss of both hands: £117,700 – £168,520

Severe wrist injury or hand injury: £30,820 – £70,700

Amputation of index and middle or ring fingers: £51,760 – £75,900

Less serious hand and wrist injuries: £12,100 – £24,260

Minor hand injuries: £1000 – £3,630

Severe leg injury: £43,890 – £235,790

Moderate leg injury: £10,530 – £48,390

Less serious leg injury: £3,300 – £10,530

Amputation of both feet: £141,630 – £168,520

Severe foot injury: £70,210 – £91,660

Moderate foot injury: £11,050 – £70,210

Minor foot injury: £5,860 – £11,050

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